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We accept trade in for tankset made and supplied by us.

We shall take in 50% of original value for used tank that upgrade to bigger tankset if the tank are within the warranty period and was bought directly from Tank_maker Gerald (between yr 2002 to yr 2011).

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Customer Feedback


The customer, specialist in pressure tank system, had considered a "give up for his loving Pahang Gold" after the tank that done by other aquarium maker leaked last week.

We welcome his call on the sudden leakage although the tank was not supplied by us. But glad to the opportunity given for the site visit and managed to identify the root cause of failure. Decisively, the customer decided to keep the hobby and at the same time, upgrade to a bigger tank.

"The tank is like my life force", the customer feedback.

" We share the same sentiment; thank you for the support" Tank_Maker Gerald

Being in custom made aquarium for a decade, we found that aquariums became an integrals part in the house of non-hobbyists too due to interior decoration trends and fengshui need.  We are also glad to see repeat order for many customers coming back for another aquarium; thus trade in of used tank is another service provided.

"Reasonable price & good service" - Senior Director of Razer, May 2011


"OK many thanks and hope to work with you again. The tank looks very sweet." - Kzdesign whom designed a tank that fitted seamlessly as if it was part of the wall , Aug 2011


"Lastly my housemate n I would like to thank u for the beautiful tank, we are enjoying every moment." - Lady Professional whom getting Tank_Maker tanks for replacing a branded tank, 2011


As advised by bro kojo… I just got these glass covers.

As you all know its pretty urgent to get a good cover for your aro. I’ve sourced around and could not get a supplier to provide in time. And of course must be reasonable cheap. The bad thing is that I have weired size requirements and need to custom made to measure.

Fortunately, as I just tried my luck with this supplier who is well known with the high quality and one of the lowest price in town, cabinet tank he made.

I told him my current problem and requirement, even though its a very small job to him, he is very enthusiastic and eager to help. He is able to rush out in time and deliver to my doorstep with my custom made requirements glass  tank covers. The beauty of all is that the custom made glass cover price with delivery is even cheaper then those plastic tank dividers sold in lfs. See attached picture. Dun compare to other tank cover as I’ve specify this requirements with rubber rims.

I’m totally impressed by his good attitude, professionalism and humble nature. He is no one other then tank_maker, Gerald.

-Archie2000 from Arofanatics Fish Talk Forums


Hi Bros,

Just to inform you about my tank maker who just completed my new 5X2X2 tank. Extremely pleased not because I have a new tank but because I found a very modest, reasonable and quality tank maker.

To anyone who is looking for reliability and quality, look no further. I highly commend Gerald from Elite Tea. Very friendly, service oriented, attention to details of your tank. In short, everything you need from your tank maker!

Price extremely reasonable to me! Check out his postings I think in commercial thread; prices all listed there.

Cheers to all!



I would vouch for tankmaker for the service he offered…

Selling the tank is one thing…maintaining an after sales service is another…

Gerald the tankmaker has always take time out to come over to tune if there’s any small hiccups in the design or lets say theres something need to be improved…

Esp when we sit down together over few kopi sessions just to get my 2 tier 5ft tank design worked out…not many tank makers allow u to design our own tank and when there is a design flaw in the overflow chamber he came down on his own time and fix it without even charging me a cent for transport.

Hence I went back to him for my second tank and probably the rest of the future tanks too.

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